Below you will find many of our family's ALL VEGAN recipes. We have many more in our book, The Vegan System. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel or our blog for weekly updates!


SEITAN also known as “wheat meat” is derived from the protein portion of wheat (aka vital wheat gluten). We love it because it is delicious, has more protein (75g per 8oz) than meat, and it’s cheap (less than $2/lb)! The following recipes all use our basic homemade seitan as a base.

Vegan Chick'n and Turk'y Recipes

We use several different types of vegan chicken for these recipes, predominantly Gardein® which can be found nationwide and even internationally!

Vegan Sausage, Ham and Seafood Recipes

There are so many vegan sausages on the market and it's super fun to make different recipes from them. As far as seafood goes, we are hooked on Gardein's ® Fishless Filets!

Tofu and Tempeh Recipes

What would a vegan site be without tofu and tempeh recipes! We only list a few here. I'm sure you can find thousands more online!

Vegan Salads and Sides

We've got a ton more in our cookbook, but here are a few to get you started.

Vegan Desserts

Yes, we DO EAT DESSERT! Here are four of our favorites. Check out our book for more - including our chocolate cake with raspberry glaze!

For more recipes, and a Meatless Monday 52 Week Meal Planning Guide, check out our book, The Vegan System, with over 100 vegan recipes in 215 full color pages. Available in paperback and Kindle on or in PDF to download. Also available on our website is a FREE  7 Day Vegetarian Starter Kit and Vegan Product Guide (with over 150 vegan products).