Where Do You Get Your Protein?


I absolutely positively guarantee that at least 95% of people ask me this question as soon as they learn that I am vegetarian. Then about 10% of them go on to say something like, “I used to be a vegetarian but I had to go back to eating meat because I wasn’t getting enough protein.”  Basically, Americans have an obsession with protein consumption – an obsession created by the meat and dairy industries that have been brainwashing us right into the worst health in the history of mankind. This obsession is matched in magnitude only by misunderstanding. Therefore, we end up with is a society that is obsessed with something that they completely misunderstand. That’s not a good combination!

A misconception remains a misconception even when it is shared by a majority of the people.
— Anonymous

I am dedicating an entire page to this subject because I have found that vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike are equally obsessed with this issue and for the most part uninformed.  I am not claiming to be a medical or nutritional expert, but I am an expert at raising a healthy family. As you can see from our pictures, especially of my kids who have been vegetarian since birth, we are not lacking strength, stamina, or good health. In fact, it's just the opposite because not only do we get perhaps MORE protein on a daily basis than the average meat eater, but we are getting a much higher quality, more easily assimilated protein from plant sources. The difference is that my family and I eat a variety of products from various parts of the plant kingdom which are not only extremely high in protein but are much higher quality, and are proteins that are more easily assimilated than that from animal sources. How’s that for a myth buster? Not convinced? Take a look at the chart below.

My family and I eat a variety of products from various parts of the plant kingdom, that are extremely high in protein. Many are listed on the Vegan Product Guide, and many are things you probably eat everyday such as nuts, and certain grains and legumes.

I recommend you do your own research to satisfy your concerns. You may be surprised at what you find out!